Aluminum step profile STEKO KPL. 18018ANODA, suitable for outdoor use, 1 meter

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Aluminum stairs profile STEKO KPL. 18018ANODA, suitable for outdoor use, 1 meter

Remark on the sealed lamp
In case of using a sealed luminaire in a place that is heavily illuminated by the sun, a switch should be used. He will leave the light switched off during the day when the light of the light is not visible. It prevents overheating and damage to the LED diodes. Examples of places that are heavily irradiated by the sun: roofs, facades, on open balconies, tarases, etc.

The STEKO KPL. - Profile is intended for mounting on the edges of stairs, stages, etc.
It has the task to protect the stair tread edges, as well as to draw attention to them by light. It is the smaller version of the STEP KPL profile designed for more sensitive conditions of use.

The assembly of STEKO KPL. To the substrate, use the appropriate screws with a countersunk or countersunk head. The holes for the screws in the STEKO KPL. Profile are made as required in the lines marked in the profile inside. We recommend to keep distances between the screws of about 120mm.

The holes in the outside of the profile must be countersunk so that the screw heads are well below the top of the corrugation.

The profile has a channel for the installation of a laterally illuminated LED strip provided. The width of the LED strip is 6mm. The channel for the LEDs is terminated with a transparent silicone cord that serves as a cover. The diameter of the silicone cord has been adjusted so that the cord can be installed by "pushing in". The LED strip should be inserted into a sealing sheath.

After mounting, the LED channel can also be sealed, e.g. with a suitably chosen silicone. The diodes can be mounted in the channel so that they shine in the direction of the silicone cord, then the luminous dots are visible and the light is perceived as strong. The diodes can also be mounted so that they shine down towards the channel. Then you achieve the effect of a light line and the luminosity is tinted. STEKO KPL.-Profile has a channel in the front for the power connection, which also serves as a passage for the cables. To lay the supply line from the LED strip to the cable channel, the hole must be drilled through at the marked point in the profile inside.

High quality aluminum

Length: 1m
External dimensions HxB: 22.7mm x 43.2mm
Width for LED strips: 6mm

On request, this profile is also available in 3 meters.

Aluminum profile 1m without accessories.

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mounting type: surface mounting
Shipping weight: 0,80 Kg
Product weight: 0,65 Kg

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