Payment options

Advance / bank transfer:
Discount of 1%.
Pay within 30 days. Goods will be shipped immediately after the payment, provided that the goods are delivered in stock and no longer delivery times. Please keep in mind that it can take up to three working days between your transfer and payment.
1.9% fees.
1.9% fees are charged for Paypal payments from Germany and the EU, we have to pay to Paypal. For payments from outside the EU, we do not charge any fees.
Cash on delivery:
Delivery is only possible within Germany. The charge of the post is 4 EUR. Please note that the shipping company in addition to the shipping charges a delivery fee of about 2 euros.

Cash and carry:
Discount of 2%.

Bank account:
Viktor Rot
Postbank Frankfurt
IBAN:  DE12500100600743487602