LED flexible strips

The LED strip consists of a large number of LEDs that have been mounted on a flexible strip. The strip itself has an adhesive base that makes the installation particularly easy and comfortable.

The LED strips consist of 3 components:
LED Strips: These are available in different lengths for unrolling. Depending on requirements, the LED strip can be shortened every 25 mm with a pair of scissors and switched piece by piece with a connector with cable (without soldering).
Controller: With the help of a controller, the Strip can be directly controlled up to 10m away. For longer distances, a signal amplifier must be connected to it.
Power supply: The power depends on the number of LEDs. In a 5 meter strip with 30 LEDs per meter, it is 36 watts, plus 20% power reserve results in a power adapter with a power of at least 43 watts. It is also possible to use power supplies with higher power than prescribed. This does not create a disadvantage for the operation.

IP protection classes:
IP20: without coating: only suitable for indoor and dry areas.
IP 65: with silicone coating or Parelin paint coating: (water jet protection) Suitable for outdoor areas, kitchen and bathroom. The highest dust protection class possible and suitable for short-term water contact applications (splash water).
IP68: hose filled with gel, dust and waterproof. Suitable for permanent submersion, for example in the pool or pond.