Suspension head with current clamp for aluminum profiles 001, 002, 006, 008, 017, 029, 040, KLUS DP-ZZ Suspension 00651

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Suspension head with current clamp for aluminum profiles, KLUS DP-ZZ suspension 00651

For stable suspension or holding of luminaires based on profiles. The suspension head is attached directly to the profile with the supplied countersunk screw. The current clamp leads the power supply to the power cable. Suspension heads with the current transfer function are designed for voltages from 12 to 24V; per Strompol a suspension head is needed.

Suitable for profiles 001 (PDS4), 002 (MICRO), 006 (GIP), 008 (REGULOR ZWK), 017 (TRIADA), 029 (LIPOD), 040 (GIZA).

Suitable for material: steel
Dimensions HxW: 18x16mm
Power supply: external 12V or 24VProfile

DP suspensions

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