Lithium batteries

The Lithium Battery is the new battery generation and can be used in high-tech appliances as well as for the daily use. The Lithium Battery is 25% lighter, has more energy and more capacity with an extremely long life span in comparison to an alkaline battery.
The Lithium Battery has the septuple capacity compared with a zinc-carbon battery. In addition, lithium batteries can be stored without use twice as long as usual alkaline Batteries.
An additional advantage is the ability to use the new lithium technology which is usable between -40°C and +60°C. Therefore, the Lithium Battery is excellent adapted for outdoor use (weather stations, thermometers, etc.).

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Ansmann CR123A 3V photo lithium battery

2,49 € *

Panasonic CR123A 3V photo lithium battery

1,95 € *
4,49 € *
4,49 € *