Cover for aluminum profile 001, 033-038, 049, 055, 061, 063, KLUST Ref. 17121, 1m, satined

Numéro d'article: 17451

catégorie: 007 Zubehör


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inclus 19% USt. , plus Expédition (Standard)

Standard quality cover.
The shape of the cover allows for easy installation by snapping into the profile.

Light transmission: 70%*
Material: PVC
Length: 1m

For KA-COM covers we give a 12 month guarantee.
KA-COM covers can be used in interior applications and places not exposed to UV radiation.
KA-COM covers are not designed for temperatures exceeding 78°C.
If the cover is bent, a bright mark will appear in the place where it was bent.
After a long period of use, the color of KA-COM covers can slightly change.

 * the values given in percentages are approximate values and because of the different optical phenomena occurring in profiles, these values may differ slightly.