With the matching frame modules, the panels can be easily attached directly to the ceiling without great effort. The frame can open on one side. Xou push the panel into the frame and close them. Above the panel ist enough space for transformers and controls.
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Ceiling frame S10123 for LED PANEL 1195x295 bis 10,5mm

54,90 € *

Ceiling frameS10126 for LED PANEL 1195x595 bis 10,5mm

70,89 € *

Ceiling frame S1030 for LED PANEL 300x30 x 11mm

22,95 € *

Ceiling frame S1062 for LED PANEL 620x 620 x 10,5mm

40,90 € *

Rope set LED Panel S01 for10 mm thick, 4x rope 180CM, 4x Ceiling adapter

16,95 € *

Rope set LED Panel S02 for D:8mm, 4x rope 180CM, 4x Ceiling adapter

10,75 € *